We thank the following experts and critics for sharing their knowledge with us. It has greatly enriched our learning:

Katrin Klingenberg, Passive House Institute US

Ryan Abendroth, Passive House Institute US

Edwin Dehler-Seter, Biohaus site visit

Tim Eian & Gary Konkol, Passive House in the Woods site visit

Charlie Lazor, Flat Pak House site visit

Carl Pederson, NDSU Extension Service & Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Department

Dr Sumathy Krishnan, Mechanical Engineering, NDSU

Nick Gariano, Sustainability Systems comparison

Paul Johnson, Structural Engineer, Meyer Borgman & Johnson

Barry Stephens, Zehnder America

Neal Mack, Gale Oldre & Scott Fluge, Enercept

Kjell Hatlehol & Rick Hammer, H Window Company, LLC

Brian Bossuyt, Extreme Panel

Abi Mathias, Lucid Design Group

Peter Kobelt and Pat Clark, Cross-Laminated Timber

We thank the following clients who have given us their time, arranged site visits for us and been great resources for us. 

Laura Millberg, Britt Gangeness and Jeff Lederman,  Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Robert Elde, Elizabeth Wroblewski, Orlyn Miller, Dave Biesboer, Jon Ross, Charlie Schmidgall, Merwyn Larson and Cindy Lawson, University of Minnesota.

Ken Bertolini, Moorhead State University of Minnesota

Dawn Mayo, City of Fargo, Planner.

Shirley Dykshoorn and Rob Rich, Lake Aggasiz Habitat for Humanity

We would especially like to thank the following people who have repeatedly given us their time and expertise and helped with critiques, logistics, fundraising, pricing, grant-writing, technology and facilities. 

Dr Ganapathy Mahalingam, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Cindy Urness, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Mike Christenson, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Ben Bernard, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Christine Bleyhl, Vujovich Design + Build

Kelly Todd, & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Kevin Weis,Architecture & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Jim Clapper, Wood Shop Technician, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, NDSU

Chris Aldrich, Vujovich Design + Build

We thank all our friends, colleagues and teachers at the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Department, NDSU, for their support through this semester.

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