We thank the following people for their generosity in making donations that will allow us to construct the Passive House Demonstration structure at the MN State Fair 2011.

Cash donations for purchase of materials will be made by………

Cory Miskowiec, Intern Architect at RSP Architects and Alumni of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Program, NDSU

McCody Concrete (All materials for concrete countertops and backsplashes)

In-kind permanent donations for the construction will be made by …….

Pritchard Farm (Reclaimed exterior siding)

Mahnomen (Reclaimed interior fir boards)

In-kind donations for the duration of the State Fair will be made by the following manufacturers………

Zehnder America (Comfoair 200 and Comfofond)

Natural Built Homes (All bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, paints and oils)

Powerfully Green / Solar Skies (Solar thermal system)

Citilights Lighting (Light fixtures)

We have a long ways to go before we have enough materials for the construction. If you are interested in supporting our work please click on the “Donate” link.

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